K-9 A Cops Best Friend

Even though I have been retired for 6 years, I still love and miss the job. By far the funniest thing I ever saw in over 30 years of coppin' was the night our K-9 took his handler for a ride. We were just standing near to
the local firehouse, myself, a skinny little officer named Doby and his dog Tank. Tank weighed nearly 100 pounds and Doby, his handler was about 120 pounds. Tank never chased a cat in 4 years that I saw him but that night was slow and we were just BS'in while Tank was supposed to be dropping Tank Bombs as Doby called them. All of a sudden, Tank heard and saw a cat. He just bolted with Doby holding his leash that he had wrapped around his wrist. It didn't take long for Doby to hit the ground and Tank kept dragging him. Doby yelled for him to stop in English, German, and probably 20 other languages that I couldn't understand. Tank finally stopped as Doby got wedged between two dumpsters and nearly had his arm pulled from his socket. I got to Doby as he was lying there near Tank. Doby looked up at Tank and called him a few choice names. Tank put his head down as He knew he was in trouble. He walked right over to his handler, looking to make up…and peed right on Doby's head.
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Luckily Doby wasn't hurt bad but to be honest, if he were dead, I probably still could not have controlled my laughter.
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