funny cop stories
funny cop stories
Butt Naked and dumb

I was working a midnight shift and just patrolling when I saw a car with no tag. I radioed it in and hit the overheads in an attempt to stop the vehicle. He took off right away. We went only a few miles when he lost it
and spun out in a field. The subject bailed. I have to admit that I am not a fast runner and being nearly 40 years old, I try to leave that stuff up to the younger officers, but I had to give it a shot. The subject ran towards a fence and I only had one shot at him. I tried to tackle him but all I got was his shorts, which were half way down his ass, and his boxers. Since he wasn't wearing a shirt, he was now streaking in only his tennis shows and I lost him. The other two officers arrived and were laughing at me. Dispatch called on the radio and gave an address where the subject was now located, they also said to take our time as he was in custody. I went to the address with another officer, while the third stayed with the car. Upon arriving at the
address, the homeowner brought the subject out to us in cuffs. It seems that he ran for awhile through the back yards and stopped at a house that still had the lights on. He knocked on the back door and hid in the bushes as the homeowner answered. He told the homeowner that he was car-jacked and the thieves took his clothes so he wanted to borrow some. He didn't want to report it to police. Of course, what he didn't know is that he had knocked on the Chiefs door. If he would have looked in the front of the house, he probably would have picked another residence. The Chiefs fully marked car was sitting in the driveway. Of course, I had to get more grief about how he got away from me and made it there in the first place...but it was worth it.
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