THE FIRST TIME. Officers First DUI

I knew where my career was going to lead from my very first DUI. I was on the road alone for the first time in a small town of 2,500 and I was looking to jump right in to the DUI arrests. I spotted him, weaving all
over the road and finally stopping for a green light. I pulled him over right after the light turned red and we waited for the next green light for him to finally move. When I went up to the car, the smell of intoxicants was overwhelming. He had the classic blood shot eyes, slurred speech and it took him three times of passing his driver's license in his wallet to finally find it. I got him out of the car and began the field sobriety tests. The first one was the finger touch where you have them stand up with their eyes closed, arms extended, index fingers pointed away from their body and then the subject has to touch his index finger to the tip of the nose. It was up to the officer to tell the person which finger first so I
went with the left. He brought his hand over and at full force, punched himself in the head. The blow nearly made him fall backwards. He caught himself just before he fell as I lunged towards him in an attempt to catch him. He looked at me and said "what the f*** did you hit me for? I was doin' it."  Needless to say, he was my  first DUI
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