funny cop stories
funny cop stories
Some people are just rude

Deputy Spice was good to work with and had a way of turning a phrase.  In our county, next to one of the great lakes, we often had trouble in the3 spring with "smelters." Overloading the local streams every spring, they would use dip nets to bring in smelt - which are small fish.  This
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Funny Cop
Funny Police
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activity was almost always enhanced with strong drink on the part of the smelters.  One night after numerous exasperating contacts with rowdy drunken smelters, Deputy Spice drove through a small town on the edge of the county.  Near the town's lone phone booth he saw someone duck down near a vehicle.  "What now?" He thought. Driving up to the vehicle he confronted a somewhat sheepish looking smelter.  Knowing something was up, Deputy Spice flashed his light into the phone booth only to see a pile of excrement.  "Where are you from?"  Spice asked the smelter. 
"Minneapolis," the smelter replied. "Do you shit in the phone booths in Minneapolis? Spice asked. "No," the smelter

replied. "Well, you don't shit in the phone booths in this county either," Spice said, "PUT IT BACK!" The smelter, befuddled with booze asked for clarification.  Spice told him, "Go into the phone booth, pick it up, and PUT IT BACK!" The thoroughly alarmed smelter was finally able to talk Spice into allowing him to put the excrement in the trunk of his car.
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