Funny Cop Stories
Funny Police Stories

Funny  Cop Story One
Gator Bites

Funny Cop Story Two
Old School

Funny Cop Story Three
The Chair Lift

Funny Cop Story four
Is something burning?

Funny Cop Story Five
Heads Up Call

Funny Cop Story six
Way to make the boss mad

Funny Cop Stories Page Seven
Wrong address...but close

Funny Cop Story Page Eight
Luck runs out

Funny Cop Stories Page Nine
Hanging out in New Zealand

Funny Cop Stories Page Ten
Big Mac Attack

Funny Cop Stories Page Eleven
Dug in in the dugout

Funny Cop Stories Page Twelve
How many times do I have to do this?

Funny Cop Story thirteen
Some peoples kids

Funny Cop Story Fourteen
So much for the big bust

Funny Cop Story Fifteen
When you gotta go

Funny Cop Story Sixteen
Just looking for a friend

Funny Cop Story Page Seventeen
Rocks in his head

Funny Cop Story Eighteen
Sweet Dreams

Funny Cop Stories Nineteen
K-9 A cops best friend

Funny Cop Stories Twenty
Wrong Bus

Funny Cop Story Twenty One
Your address please

Funny Cop Story Twenty Two
Smart idea??

Funny Cop Story Twenty Three
Cops First DUI/DWI

Funny Cop Story Twenty Four
Caught with Batman

Funny Cop Story Twenty Five
Open Mike

Cop Stories Number Twenty Six
Sleeping on the job

Funny Cop Stories Twenty Seven
More than they asked for

Funny Cop Story Twenty Eight
Butt Naked and dumb

Funny Cop Story Twenty Nine
Too Drunk to come up with a better plan

Funny Cop Story Thirty. A Cops Christmas Poem
A Police Officers  Criminal Christmas Poem

Going with the flow on a traffic stop
You are still getting a ticket...period

Cop bites a drunk
Was it the dog...really?

Smelter Story
Use phone booth for a bathroom

Cops first traffic stop
She wasn't trained for this

Now that is an interview
Cop gets the job

Funny Private Investigator Stories

Private Investigator Story One
A Family Affair

Private Investigator Story Two
Things must be tough
Other funny stories

Funny Story number one
Test the stun gun on yourself!
Funny Firemen Firefighter Stories

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Funny Medical Rescue Stories

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Funny Police Videos
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