Heads Up Call

My partner and I got called to a possible burglary last summer. The neighbor called and said that it appeared that there was someone in a vacant house. The owners were on vacation and the complainant saw
what appeared to be flashlights being used on the inside of the home. It turned out to be the easiest burglary we have ever had to solve. When we arrived, there was a guy laid out in the side yard with a window air conditioning unit on his chest. He was out cold with a big gash on his head. To make a long story short, He tried to catch the window unit as his accomplice dropped it out the window. When it hit the guy we jokingly call "the coolest lawn ornament ever", it knocked him out cold. He had a concussion and was pretty embarrassed. Of course, he was only too happy to give up the dumb you know what that came up with the idea to drop it into his waiting arms
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