Is something burning?

I was sitting in dispatch a few years back with a rather anxious young officer on fto (Field training). We were on call out duty and since I didn't live in the county had to stay at this sheriff's office. At about 03:00 a 911 call came in where the male on the line stated "if the cops
show up i'm killin them, and then i'm killin me." Did i mention this is the day after i found out i was getting divorced? Needless to say I and my partner went out to discuss the personal challenge from the chap. When we showed up he was holding a zippo and a bottle of lighter fluid. as we approached he began to douse his groin with the fluid. I, knowing a report and a dear sheriff letter when i see one coming at me at a hundred miles an hour tried the whole hey buddy lets talk about this routine. The guy told us if we got any closer he would light himself on fire. My partner, long on testosterone and short on prudence decided to do his best Jesse Owens impression straight at the guy.  Well, the guy was good for his word. the only way i can describe the fire was it sounded like a potato gun going off, ya know, kind of a fooomp noise. We rolled around with him, tried to use my extinguisher (somebody had a fire extinguisher fight the day before, so that didn't
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work too well) tried to beat it out with my jacket...that  just fanned the flames.  To make a long story short, since you can't take burning jeans off someone who wants to remain in them, the best course of action is to stomp them out. Just try explaining the situation at the E.R.
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