A playful deer cost Timothy Sterling some dough. Sterling,30, had to pay $200 bond to get out of jail in Big Rapids, Michigan, after being arrested on an old traffic warrant by a sheriff's deputy who saw him hitchhiking with what appeared to be a huge dog. "It wasn't until I got almost on top of them that I saw that it was a deer," said Deputy Lance
Workman. "Almost joking-like, I asked him for the name of his buddy," Workman said. "The guy didn't even know that the deer was there. He was totally surprised." As Workman arrested Sterling-who was wanted in Isabella County-"the deer started nudging me in the back," Workman said. Workman turned on the spotlights and siren of his patrol car, even fired shots over it's head, but the deer wouldn't leave. Gary Lenon, another deputy, lassoed the deer,but when he tried to lead it back into the woods, "all heck broke loose,"Workman said."Gary was being dragged around and knocked down,"Workman said.  The deer eventually strolled into the woods unescorted.  The suspect said, "Despite the situation I was in, all I could do was laugh.".....Detroit Free press...January 1990
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