Make the boss mad...This practical joke backfired

We thought it was funny. Another deputy and I decided to stop by overnight at a fellow deputy's house and take his car. We had a key made while the car was at the jail for the inmates to clean, wash and wax. We
hid it about two blocks away in my garage. I was in charge of the shift and drove around answering a few calls and just waiting for my cell phone to go off. I knew he would call me on it as opposed to calling dispatch. I patrolled and patrolled some more. Finally, after about four hours my cell rang. It was the Sheriff. I went to the "victims" residence only now I was worried. How was the boss going to take this prank? I stopped at the house and immediately told the Sheriff what we had done in hopes that he wouldn't be mad. We drove to my house to get the car, the door on the garage was broken and the car was gone. I can say that I was crapping bricks. I saw my career fading away as the Sheriff chewed me up one side and down the other. He called a crime scene tech and ordered me to hit the road. About an hour later, he called my cell and told me to meet him at his house. I arrived to see the "stolen" car in his garage. He was standing in his driveway. When I walked up to
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him he said, "there are 2 things sacred to a cop, his wife and his carů don't ever do something this stupid again." He taught me a lesson. I didn't even ask him to fix my door.
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