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July 1993. I was a rookie in a town in Texas. I was just through my training and on my own.  I was the second man (even though I'm female) out and was the "back up car" I was sitting on our main road just
watching traffic when my partner flew by, lights and sirens going and I mean he was flying. I jumped out behind him and hit my lights and floored the Old Chevy. I thought that I missed a hot call. I still had a little trouble hearing my number when we had 7 departments all on 1 frequency. Anyway, I wasn't going to let on that I was in the dark. I figured if my partner was running wide open, I should too. I saw him kill the lights as we entered a neighborhood, so I did the same. My partner even turned off his headlights as we turned on another road…I did the same. He pulled into a drive and I saw him exit the car running. I stopped, cleared leather and ran towards the house that he had bolted into. The door was open so I entered and walked in…just in time to see my partner sit on the toilet. I guess the Mexican was just to much for him. I left out the name and the Department because I promised that I would. I don't want my butt kicked

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