funny cop stories
funny cop stories

I owned a Private Eye business years ago.  I did a few small jobs, ran some backgrounds, did a few locates, just enough to keep my head above water. Finally I got one. The cheating spouse case you could usually just
dream of.  The husband made it clear that money was no object and that he wanted his wife followed no matter what. He produced her photo and address and wanted me to start the next day in the am since he would be gone for 2 weeks on business. He knew that his unfaithful spouse would be "busy" while he was gone. You have to remember, this was before the internet and immediate access to data. With the information that I needed and check in hand, I got started. I went to their house early in the morning, and saw my "target" coming out almost 5 minutes after I arrived. I followed her for days logging the times and where she was. Finally after nearly a week, she met a man at a local restaurant. They sat together hugging and kissing as I
proudly took pictures. They left the restaurant and went back to her house and spent over two hours inside together. I'm sure that I had a pretty good idea what they were up to. I got great pictures of them going in and out. They left together and went back to the restaurant when she dropped him off. I decided that I needed to figure out who he was so I got out of the car to tail him. He went to a parking lot and got into his car. I got the plate to give to a cop friend that would run it for me later. The loving couple met three more times in that second week and it was the same routine. I learned who the guy was and he was cheating too. He was a married man with three kids. Anyway, my client returned and I gave him the complete story. He thanked me, wrote me another check for the balance…plus a bonus for the great job that I did. He called me a few days later wanting to know if I could bail him out of jail. He had apparently had an argument with his wife over an unrelated matter and lost it, striking her and knocking her to the ground. The issue of the affair and its evidence hadn't even come up yet. As he was such a good client I went in and bailed him out. As we walked to my car, his wife was walking towards us with a packet in hand. As we got closer it became apparent to me that is was the case file on her devilish ways. Without as much as a hello she yelled at her husband "Why do you have pictures of Veronica (named changed) with some guy?" I came to learn that my clients "wife" that I had been following for nearly two weeks, was actually her twin sister. She would come over to spend time with my client's wife every time he was away on trips. No one told him because Veronica was not liked by my client. and he wouldn't have approved of her being in his house. Even though she was in her 20's, she still lived with her controlling parents. Was my client's wife cheating? Who was really with the married man? Who knows? I made a lot of money those two weeks and learned a valuable lesson. ASK ABOUT A TWIN!!!  I just thank God he didn't kill her over it
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Funny Police Videos
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