Sleeping on the job

I always hated working doubles but getting called out for a shift unexpectedly was even worse. I work in a city with 4-6 cars on the road per shift. It was about 4 years ago and in the dead of winter. I had worked
day turn, which was 7 am-3 pm and then I went home and had to baby sit my kids from the time I got home until their bedtime at 10:00 pm. The routine was that we would all go to bed. My wife is an officer also for another department and she was working afternoon. Anyway, my department called me at 9:00 pm about a call of for midnight. I was thinking that I had the next day off so I accepted. The overtime made it worth it. I had my sister in law come over while I got ready for work. Cell phones were a new technology and I didn't have one yet so I just told my sister in law to tell the wife that I got called out. At work another officer told me that he was surprised to see me. When I asked him why he stated "I know you watch the kids in the afternoon, so I figured that you
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wouldn't be out since you have day turn tomorrow too." As soon as he said that I realized that I had switched with another officer and indeed had to work day turn. I just acted cool and made a comment about how I can handle it. It was cold and snowing like crazy that night and there was almost no one on the road. It was dead. I decided to find a spot to crash for a bit so I went to this church parking lot and backed into the corner to hide. There were a few houses across the street, but no lights on at 3:30 am. I fell asleep and actually reclined my seat. I was in an unmarked car and there was no cage since it was the OIC (Officer in charge) car and the OIC never transported prisoners. A short while later, I woke up to the zone car getting called to my location to check on a dark blue car backed in by the church. I took off and went up the road as the dispatcher advised "the car is just leaving and heading west on third street with the lights out." The zone officer responded and was en route. I pulled out onto the main street and went up a few blocks and took the back way to the station. When I arrived I parked and walked in to find the dispatcher and three of the other four officers standing there waiting on me...they were laughing like crazy! It turned out that the zone car saw me there sleeping and he had a cell phone. I was set up royally. I never even saw him pull of in an alley off of third and hide, just waiting for me to leave to give dispatch an update. Getting the picture off of him did cost me a few beers....
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