So much for the big bust

On night I was working with a partner in a two man car. We drove to a parking area near a lake that was well off of the road and known for drug activity. When we entered the lot, we observed a lone vehicle sitting there
with an older male and a younger female in it. We lit it up and radioed the plate and location in to dispatch. The car had out of state plates. I approached the driver and asked what they were doing there. The reply was "just talking". I asked for an ID and the driver said that it was in his wallet in the trunk. We went to the trunk and he opened it as I held my hand on my gun. I saw two more plates from different states in the trunk. The driver reached in, got his wallet and pulled his ID from the wallet without opening it. I asked about the two plates and he said they were from old cars that he used to own. He asked why we were there and I told him that it was a high drug traffic area. My partner agreed and stated "we even caught his grandmother dealing here." We both knew that something wasn't right and were trying to loosen the mood. I took the plates and walked away while my partner watched the two. I walked over to the other side of the lot where I was out of ear shot but
could still see the area. I radioed both plates to dispatch. They responded back by asking if I was away from the subject. This usually meant bad news like an active warrant or a dangerous criminal history. I advised that I was clear and they stated "restricted". This meant a LEO (law enforcement officer) plate. I walked back and my partner told me he had permission to search the car. I threw the plates in the trunk and closed it. I told them that we had another call and had to go. We jumped into the car and as we pulled out I explained the situation to my partner. He hit the lights and flew towards the exit. About 6 months later I had to go to a drug identification class sponsored by the FBI. Wouldn't you know it, the instructor looked very familiar to me. The first words out of his mouth were 'how long is your grandmother in for anyway?" I could only smile
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