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Reading about the agent at the lake reminded me of a something that happened a few years ago. We have a small lake that we have to patrol and it is a hotspot for parties and nude swimming. One night I and another

officer went down towards the beach area through the woods where we could hear a lot of people and could tell that they were in the water.  When we got to the beach edge, we could see that it was a bunch of young kids so we Id'ed ourselves and approached them. There were no alcohol or illegal substances on the shore so we told them that we were leaving and they needed to get dressed when we left and leave also. We went back about an hour later and all of their cars were still in the lot so we walked down again. They were all in the water still. I told my partner that we might as well just leave and I went back through the woods towards the car. My partner stayed behind for a few minutes and when he got to the car, he said that he went down to the beach and grabbed a bunch of their clothes and threw them in the woods. I just laughed and went on with the nights duties. I came in for an extra the next afternoon. I had to relieve the chief who was not a happy camper.  He told me
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that his 16 year old daughter went to a friend's house the evening before and spilled a coke all over so she went to get a shower. While in the shower with the door unlocked, one of her friends came in and took her clothes. She arrived home wearing one of her girlfriends' clothes and claimed she had no idea who took hers. "Damn kids" said the chief. All I could say was "when will they ever grow up." He doesn't know to this day and I am not telling him.
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