Wrong address…but close!

I worked part time as a cop for a small department. I was the back up car on the 8pm-4am shift a few days a week. One night after midnight, we got a call to a south 8th street address for a domestic. A mother called in
to dispatch and said that her daughter had called her and said her son in law had beat her and wouldn't let her leave. We arrived to find the house dark. A car in the drive had 4 flat tires and no one would answer the door. Looking inside, we could see that the living room was a mess. A lamp was on the floor, stuff thrown everywhere.  The mother that called also said that the son in law had "tore the phone out of the wall." The window was unlocked so we decided to enter since it looked like this may be a serious problem and we wanted to check on the welfare of the girl. We walked in and identified ourselves. We went room to room and finally made it to the upstairs bedroom. There was a guy laying in bed naked and the odor of alcohol and vomit was so strong upstairs that it was enough to make you gag. We yelled at the guy and woke him. He was clearly intoxicated. We asked him where his wife was and he said that they had an
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Funny Cop Story
Funny Police Story
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argument earlier and she left after she poked holes in the tires of his car. He was very irate that we were in his house uninvited. As we were speaking to him dispatch called on the radio to advise that the address was on north 8th street with the same house number. I looked at the OIC to see how he was going to handle this. He just looked at the guy and said "hmmm…wrong address. Ok, well have a good night. You can go back to bed now." We walked to the door with an intoxicated home owner mother f'in us the whole way…complete with the threats to sue. I guess the chief must have handled it because I know the guy filed a complaint but we never heard anything more than that.
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