funny cop stories
funny cop stories
PI's Doing Manual Labor?!?!?  Things must be tough

I have been a private investigator for over 18 years and I have never had a case like this before. I am not complaining, with the economy in such bad shape, I was glad to take the job as we have already laid off our two
employees and it is just me and my brother left. We got a call from a client that lived out of state that wanted us to check up on their daughter. She was just on her own going to college almost 2,000 miles away and the parents hadn't heard from her for a few days. The parents wanted us to quietly check on their daughter just to make sure she was okay. Not to been seen was the main criteria. We did the job, got some pictures and emailed them off to the parents. A few months later, the parents called us back and wanted us to check out an apartment that the daughter was moving to. It was off campus and they wanted to make sure that it was in a good neighborhood. We were going to meet the daughter this time (without
mentioning that we had met her before) and since we live and work in the area, we were going to let her know that the area certainly wasn't the best and maybe help her find a new apartment. We met her outside of her new place and introduced ourselves. While we were talking, gunshots could be heard a few blocks away and three police cars whizzed by at warp speed. We had just finished telling her that they area was not good, that was why the rent was so reasonable. About 5 minutes later, another police car and an ambulance went by. The young lady got on her cell phone and called her parents. She explained what had just occurred and we could tell that the parents wanted her to move back across town to the on campus dorms. I was a little surprised when the young lady handed me the phone and said that her dad wanted to talk to me. When I got on the phone he asked what kind of vehicle that I had. I told him it was a Chevy pickup truck. His response "I will pay you an additional $ 3,000.00 to  move her back to the dorm right now...please get her out of there!" Times being what they are and since we had no cases pending, we accepted. Our hourly rate is $ 75.00 per hour plus expenses but I made more on the 5 hour moving job than I had doing P.I. work for the last two months. Maybe we are in the wrong business! I'm glad all went well. Neither of us pulled anything or got injured...imagine explaining that to my disability insurance company!
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Funny Police Videos
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