When I first became an officer 5 years ago, I must admit it went to my head. The "badge chasers" were great. It only cost me a marriage. I used to live for the power of the traffic stop and the arrest but most of all was
the ego trip from the girls. One night I was getting lucky in the back of the cruiser at the local park when the door shut. I knew that I was in trouble as the car had a cage and the doors, of course, wouldn't open from the back seat. After a few attempts, I kicked out the window and we got out. I sent the girl to her car and in a panic, called the Chief at home. I asked him to come to the park right away. He arrived with the Mayor. (Small town and they were friends)  I explained that I stopped in the park and went on foot to the ball field dugout explaining that I saw some people there. I heard a crash and came back to the car to find a rock had been thrown through the back window. In reality I had laid the rock in the back seat to make my story believable.  The Chief and the Mayor went in his car and drove around looking for the suspects as I did in my cruiser. After about five minutes, the Chief pulled off the road as I approached and got out of his car. He walked up to my window,
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leaving the Mayor in his car and said "I'm going home now…next time throw some glass inside the car. Who was she anyway…DUMB ASS??
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