Sweet Dreams

No one has ever slept on midnight turn, right? I have to admit that I did…ah, once. I work for a same town and we have one officer on per shift. The neighboring Borough is the same. One officer per shift. We back each
other up when we get calls but  mostly it's quiet, peaceful and well….dead.  Whoever is working midnight for both Departments would get together for a coffee and then go hide and shoot the breeze. One night I met up with…let's call him Tony (You know who you are) and we pulled our cars side by side at an old warehouse. They have a dock with 2 spaces and it's well hidden since in drops down towards the loading dock and has concrete on both sides. We fell asleep while talking…for the first time. When I woke up, I looked straight ahead to see my Chief standing there starring at me. He was out of his car and just glaring towards us. Tony's Chief was doing the same thing to him from the loading dock. Both big dogs walked to their cars and pulled away. Tony was just cussing and holding his head down. He knew that he was in deep trouble. No Chief ever slept on midnight. (right…) I went back to the station and met with the Chief. Tony got written up and suspended for three days
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without pay. As for me, the story goes that I got the a**chewing of the year. In reality, my Chief and I laughed like crazy at what we knew was going to be Tony's punishment. You see, the Chief  and I were officers together for years. We patrolled together back when the township could afford to pay 2 guys at night. Who do you think showed me that great spot anyway?
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