Being in law enforcement for over 20 years I have seen a lot of "stuff". The funniest had to be the night we met "Batman". It was funny, but not at the time. I worked in a
department where we had 3 officers per shift as a minimum. One summer night, we got a call for a medical emergency at one of my fellow officers home while he was on duty working with me and a sergeant. We all flew there since dispatch advised that the officers wife had requested an ambulance. This was in the days before 911. We arrived to find the officers wife wearing only a night gown and a male lying on the floor in the bedroom wearing a batman shirt, cape and cowl...that was it. The sarge and I got between my fellow officer and his wife as the EMT's arrived and attended to the superhero. The story was, he was jumping up and down on the bed as they were fooling around and struck his head on the ceiling, which knocked him cold. When my
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friends soon to be ex-wife couldn't get him to come around, she called the ambulance. She was unaware that the ambulance services, which were commercial at the time, would call the police dispatch in suspicious circumstances where the complainant would not provide details as to how the injury occurred or what was going on. My partner took it well, his wife took some belongings and left with a friend. Sarge tried to talk my partner out of working the rest of his shift but he insisted. Not to let a chance to take a shot at another officer go by as we walked out of the house, Sarge looked at my partner and said "Hey, don't let it get you down...after all, he was Batman. You are just a cop. I thank God it wasn't Superman or we would have had all three of our butts kicked. It wasn't funny then, but we all laugh about it to this day.
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