Wrong bus at the wrong time

We were looking for a murder suspect from New York. He was supposed to be coming into South Carolina on his way to Florida. His means of travel was a greyhound bus. We had his description and booking photo
from New York. We set up at the bus station with seven officers all in plain clothes. A few were going to hand out doughnuts; others were there with mops in hand. The bus arrived and we were doing our part. The guy didn't appear to have left the bus so two officers went into the bus to "clean it". No sign of the suspect. I noticed a girl that was about his height and weight and the face was a definite possibility.  When he reached for a coffee, a tattoo of a rose was evident on his right wrist. It was him. I casually alerted the other officers and we decided to take him down when he went to get back on the bus. It worked well; I yelled "police" and we took him to the ground. When this occurred two other people started running away from the
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bus. They were both caught and it was learned that they had warrants on them from different states too. Lesser offenses, but not a bad day for us anyway.
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